About Minomana

Dutch Quality design made in Barcelona.

Minomana® Babywearing coat

Passionate about babywearing. For Minomana babywearing coats it all started with Aranzazu Pomares. Aranzazu is mother of 2 children and dedicated to wearing. Inconvenient wearing made her decide to develop her own babywearing coat in 2014. When people started inquiring about the babywearing coat, the company was born. Recently Ilse Koppelman a certified wearing consultant and mother of 4 children joined and took over the succesful Minomana® formula.

“Babywearing is not just wearing a baby”, it’s about love, tenderness and interaction. It’s lifestyle. We believe in the power a our babywearing coats. They make babywearing great.

Review Minomana Softshell coat

Exceptional performance in all weather types, warmth and style. The Minomana baby wearing coat deliveres best results.  Dutch blogger Mary-Lou tested the coat.

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Wear Coats online just are a hot topic. That is not surprising, because it is cold, wet and windy. Not so pleasant for us and our little ones. With a babywearing coat you can enjoy wearing also during the colder seasons. I liked the Minonana softshell babywearing coat.

Softshell is a very beautiful and special fabric, so I was very curious about the jacket. Though not thick, soft shell namely wind and waterproof. Long I did not have to wait to try out the jacket, because the next day he came in. The jacket is multifunctional because it is not just a draagjas but also a zwangerschapsjas. And if you remove the insert, you need a regular coat.

More Details on our Coats

The details are a bit on the way, because there is also a detachable hood. Biggest surprise for me is that the sleeves and adjust the collar are using or velcro and snaps. And that’s not all; the jacket is by setting a drawstring tighter or looser correctly. You can actually do quite a lot to make the coat completely private.

The above details, I became very happy. When I put on the jacket a little more. The fleece lining is very fine. Fleece is also very soft. And when it came to major; how wearing the jacket? It was quite cold when I went out. I wore it anyway as zwangerschapsjas. It was an extremely cold day and after a few hours outside, I felt it. It is not a coat that I like zwangerschapsjas dead of winter would wear, but for autumn, a mild winter and a cool spring, he is perfect.

Of course it is true that when you wear it you have a great warmer than no baby on your back or stomach. Back or stomach so because with this jacket is both possible. For me, a huge plus. All in all I am very pleased with this draagjas. He’s fine, wear comfortable, the material is of good quality. And, after all, the eye wants something, I like him!

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